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For Start-Ups to Existing Businesses

Brama makes it easy for you to get the equipment you need to start running your business. Maybe all you need is an upgrade - why wait? You can have it now, with our Easy Process. Just fill out an application and get APPROVED right away - in as little as 24 hours. Apply now. Your cash flow will grow.

Easy Process

  • - Choose the equipment and contact us for a quote
  • - Fill out the application form & email it back to us
  • - Get APPROVED right away (sometimes as little as 24 hours)
  • - Once documents are signed, equipment will be delivered

Advantages to Leasing

  1. Payments are fully tax deductable
  2. Frees up available cash & lines of credit
  3. Lease to own
  4. Fix cost for the term of the loan

Leasing with us.

⇒ Lease or Finance to own. ⇐
⇒ Longer-term contracts. ⇐
⇒ Lower monthly carrying costs. ⇐
⇒ $10 or 10% end of term options. ⇐
⇒ All types of equipment. ⇐
⇒ Leaseholds including exhausts and walk-ins. ⇐

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